Dovo Faux Pearl "Bismarck", 6/8" Carbon Steel Straight Razor - Refurbished by Dovo


$ 134.99 $ 169.99

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 The Dovo "Bismarck", 6/8" Carbon Steel Straight Razor has been a Dovo classic since the early 1900's. However, this new model has just been introduced with scales made of imitation pearl acrylic.  The blade is made from Solingen High Carbon Steel. It is full hollow ground. The real "Show Stopper" is the hand file work and heavy gold plating the blade and tang receive. This treatment gives this razor the appearance of ones twice its cost.

 These are new, unused razors that had developed rust during storage.  They were sent back to Dovo and refurbished.   The razors were disassembled, carefully hand polished to remove the rust, and given a new gold-plating.  However, slight traces of the damage from the rust remain in the form of light pitting that is visible under the new gold-plating.   Accordingly, we are selling these razor under the classification “with slightly visible repair”.  They are being sold “as is” and are not returnable.  They have been professionally sharpened and are completely “shave ready”.


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