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Look forward to your daily shaving ritual by using the
world’s finest badger hair shaving brushes.

At Vintage Blades, we believe that a badger hair shaving brush offers the most comfortable shaving experience, day after day.

A perfect shave can be trouble-free and pain-free when you use the right tools of the trade. For example, badger hair shaving brushes are considered far superior to other options. Here’s why.
 Richer shaving lather: Badger hair is very similar to human hair in its remarkable ability to absorb water. A shaving brush that holds more water produces a richer shaving lather, allowing for a better shave.
Better texture for shaving: Soft badger hair provides a gentle and soft effect – as opposed to a harsh texture found in shaving brushes made from boar bristles or synthetic materials.
Minimizes irritation: The totally natural, soft bristles of a badger hair shaving brush ensure minimum irritation during the lathering process. This is perfect if you have sensitive skin.

Vintage Blades is proud to offer shaving brushes from Progress Vulfix and now a full line of brushes under the Vintage Blades Brand. Our brush line includes several affordable priced models made from a unique grade of 2-band badger hair, including an aluminum cased travel brush, plus a remarkable synthetic, imitation badger brush made of nylon. 

Unlike many online companies, we welcome your emails and phone calls when you have questions about wet shaving.  We will answer your questions and provide advice during regular business hours (9-4 Monday - Friday US PST).  Contact us if you have questions or check out FAQs about wet shaving

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