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Our Clearance Items and Special Sales Provide a Special Oportunity for Increased Savings

Here you will find a selection of items that fall into several categories. We are either discontinuing the item from our product line or have excess inventory on hand.  On rare occasions, we may have “factory seconds” available that we feel do not meet the standards we have set for our shop. In this case, we will fully disclose any defect present in the product description.  However, please note that any item sold as a clearance item is not returnable.  So, it is your responsibility to fully read the complete product description listed on the 2nd page of each product listing.  To access this complete description of an item you may click on the product image or anywhere on the brief description shown on this page.

We have purchased a small lot of Dovo Bismarck razors from a now closed retailer which were unfortunately stored in less than optimal conditions. These are new, unused razors that had developed rust in areas of the tang and rattail that had been treated with gold decoration. Attempted removal of the rust by conventional methods, such as use of a mild metal polish, resulted in the complete removal of the gold as well. We decided to send these razors back to Dovo and have them refurbished. The razors were disassembled, tang and rattail completely polished to remove the rust, and given a new gold-plating. However, to maintain the integrity of the blades, Dovo did not grind the metal but only carefully hand polished it. So, slight traces of the damage from the rust remain in the form of light pitting that is visible under the new gold-plating. Accordingly, we are selling these razor under the classification “with slightly visible repair”. They are being sold “as is” and are not returnable. They have been professionally sharpened and are completely “shave ready”.

Unlike many online companies, we welcome your emails and phone calls when you have questions about wet shaving.  We will answer your questions and provide advice during regular business hours (9-4 Monday-Thursday and 9-1 on Friday US EST).  Contact us if you have questions. Or, check out Jim’s FAQs about wet shaving

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All items sold on this page are sold as clearance items and are not returnable.