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Straight Razor Kits: Everything You Need for the Complete
Straight Razor Shaving Experience

Every straight razor kit we sell includes a professionally honed straight razor from either Böker, Dovo, or Thiers-Issard, a Vintage Blades Brand razor strop, a Vintage Blades Brand Finest Badger shaving brush, and a shaving mug of your choice. Everything else you need to start wet shaving is included at no extra cost to you.* 

Because we know that everyone likes to customize their purchases where possible, we have provided the option of upgrading several components of the kit if you desire. However, we are not able to make substitutions. 

Unlike many online companies, we welcome your emails and phone calls when you have questions about straight razors. We will answer your questions and provide advice during regular business hours (9-4 Monday-Friday US PST).  Contact us if you have questions. Or, check out FAQs about using straight razors. 

See our Policies Page for details on shipping. 

*Our Basic Straight Razor Kits include only a straight razor and a razor strop.


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