About Us

Vintage Blades highest priority is to a satisfied customer. Our customers are seeking quality wet shaving products at great prices. We strive to provide the best products, the best prices and the sharpest straight razors.

Let us help you achieve an enjoyable shaving experience through the traditional straight shave or safety razor approach.

Vintage Blades was born with the goal of restoring the age-old tradition of shaving as a pleasurable ritual using straight shaving razors or safety razors. Our focus is exclusively on men’s grooming and shaving, and we’re pleased to bring you the best selection of wet shaving products available.

We believe that shaving doesn’t have to be a curse that you have to bear on a daily basis if you prefer to have smooth skin.

For a comfortable and pleasant shaving experience, straight razors, safety razors, shaving brushes, shaving creams and dozens more high-quality products that are manufactured for traditional, enjoyable shaving.

Our website went live in 2005 and is run by a group of wet shaving enthusiasts. If you have questions about our straight razors, safety razors and wet shaving accessories, contact us by email or dial (410) 885-4449

Our Philosophy

A perfect shave is a ritual that men across the world set out do each and every morning. At Vintage Blades, we believe the tools of the trade should make the shaving ritual trouble-free and pain-free … to the point where shavers actually enjoy it.

Our Promise to You

We’ve carefully chosen our products and accessories to help you restore your shaving experience to an enjoyable ritual using the best quality products available.

Our History

Vintage Blades was “born” in 2003 when founder and previous-owner Jim Ayars was forced into early retirement as a result of one of the many acquisitions and mergers in the pharmaceutical industry. After his 30+ year career in sales and marketing, he was left with an unfulfilled desire to have his own business.

Jim got the idea for Vintage Blades when he was helping a friend that worked gun shows and started selling straight razors on the side. He quickly came to the realization that a market for quality shaving products could thrive on the internet. 

Many people in today’s world are unfamiliar with a double edge razor or a shaving brush, let alone a straight razor. Most people are used to your typical disposable cartridge razor and foam in a can skin irritant. Using something like a Merkur razor with a fine shaving soap and brush you’ll quickly be saying to yourself after trying it, “I’ll never buy a cartridge razor again.” And after several shaves with a double safety razor you’ll start to get very curious about how nice it would be to shave with a straight razor.

Our Recommendations

Best Entry Level Straight Razor Set

Our Dovo "Black Best Quality" Straight Razor Set, like all our straight razor sets, includes a professionally honed straight razor, a Vintage Blades Brand Latigo razor strop, a VB Brand Finest Badger brush, a free acrylic drip stand, a shaving mug of your choice, and free shaving soap, and a styptic pencil. You have the option of upgrading various components of the set if you desire.

Best Hanging Razor Strop

The Vintage Blades Latigo Hanging Razor Strops are hand crafted using only premium hides. They are available in a 2” and an extra wide 3" that allows stropping without the traditional “X” pattern. These strops are included in all our straight razor sets.

Best Safety Razor Set

Our Merkur “Heavy Classic” (34C) Set includes a Merkur 34C Safety Razor, a free 10 Pack of Merkur DE Razor Blades, a VB Brand Finest Badger brush, a free drip stand, a shaving mug or cup of your choice, free shaving soap, a free blade safe, and a styptic pencil. You have the option of upgrading various components of the set if you desire.

Best Entry Level Shaving Brush

The Vintage Blades Brand Finest Badger brush is available in a 20mm , 22mm, and 24mm knot.  This line of shaving brushes was made entirely to our specifications.  The badger hair used in these brushes is a unique grade of 2-band badger hair that has very resilient bristles and soft tips.  It can feel a bit "scrubby" when dry but is incredibly luxurious when wet.  We have found these brushes to be ideal for use with our handcrafted artisan shaving soaps, which work best with a brush with more backbone.

Best Shaving Cream

Our Vintage Blades Brand Luxury Shaving Cream is formulated with natural and certified organic ingredients to produce a thick creamy lather to soothe and nourish even the most delicate skin, while providing the cushioning and lubrication necessary for the closest of shaves. One of the key ingredients is organic Shea butter.  Any fragrance or essential oil used in their preparation is done so with a light touch, so as not to conflict with any other fragrance to be used as part of your shaving routine.

Best Shaving Soap

We highly recommend one of our handcrafted, artisan shaving soaps like Mike's Natural Soaps, Mystic Water Soaps, & Queen Charlotte Soaps, which contain tallow and a variety of other natural ingredients.  These soaps are made in small lots and the lather they produce is simply amazing, as are the fragrances.