Vintage Blades Red Latigo 2" Hanging Razor Strop with "D" Rings

Vintage Blades Brand

$ 44.99



The Vintage Blades 2" Red Latigo Hanging Razor Strop is hand crafted using only premium hides to ensure the best stropping possible. Our strops feature extra-heavy "D" Rings for a comfortable handhold. 


IThere is also a second strop, securely attached at the top, made of a nylon webbing that resembles the look and feel of the old vintage strops. Testing done with this material has found it to be comparable to traditional cotton and linen fabrics for pre-stropping.


Assembly is done without the use of rivets.  Either strop can be replaced if worn or damaged simply by the removal of a couple of screws.


The leather used in making these strops contains a variety of oils that permeate the hide during the tanning process. As a result, our strops provide the perfect "draw" as is. Nothing is required to "break in" these strops prior to use.


Dimensions: Stropping Area 17 inches by 2 inches. Overall Length 23 inches


Made in the USA.

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