Thiers-Issard Red Stamina 6/8" Basic Kit


$ 309.99 $ 359.99

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Our Thiers Issard Red Stamina Basic Set is designed for those who want just a straight razor and a razor strop. It includes a professionally honed Thiers Issard 6/8" Round Point straight razor set in Red Stamina scales and a Vintage Blades Brand Latigo razor strop with "D" rings.  You have the option of upgrading to one of our 3" strops with "D" rings.

 It is a C135 Carbonsong carbon steel razor with a polished mirror finish and it has non-slip notching (jimps) on both the top and bottom of the tang.  It comes with a deluxe leather case with flap that is ideal for storage or travel.  It is full hollow ground.

Stamina wood is a laminate made of veneers that have been dyed, then impregnated with phenolic resin and compressed under high pressure and heat. The result is a very sable material that can be shaped, then sanded and buffed to a high luster.

 You also have the option to purchase the following items: 

    • When purchased with the kit, we are offering the "World of Straight Razor Shaving" DVD at the discounted price of $13.99. Since, we feel that this is an invaluable resource for any individual new to straight razor shaving, we are willing to offer this to you below our cost. It contains 3 1/2 hours of great straight razor information in eight sections, including hones and honing, strops and stropping, a shaving demonstration, an introduction to mugs and brushes, cleaning razors, and minor restoration.


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