Feather "Professional Super" Razor Blades - 20 Pack

Feather Safety Razor Co. Ltd,

$ 22.99



The Feather "Professional Super" Blades are designed for those with a heavy or coarse beard. Blade performance is equal to that of a 6/8" or 7/8" traditional straight razor - a bit more aggressive to meet the demands of a tougher beard. In addition to a greater blade thickness, the blade is also a bit wider allowing greater edge exposure.


If you have a tough beard and want to delay the appearance of five o'clock shadow until well after sunset, the "Professional Super" blade is your choice.


Blade Thickness: 0.31mm

Blade Exposure: 1.45mm


Blades are packed in their own injector-style dispenser for fast, easy, and safe blade installation and convenient storage. Feather "Professional Super" blades will fit any of the "Artist Club" series razors.

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