Feather Professional Artist Club SS "Japanese" Non-Folding Handle - Black

Feather Safety Razor Co. Ltd,

$ 129.99



The Feather Professional Artist Club SS "Japanese" Non-Folding Handle - Black" has a body made of stainless steel and a handle made from a super engineered resin which resist heat up to 275 degrees Fahrenheit.  Designed to be used with any of the Feather Artist Club Professional series of blades sold separately below.  This is the razor for those who want the closeness and quality of a straight razor shave, but don't want to endure the learning curve of daily stropping, periodic honing, and generally high maintenance.


The blade holder can be easily and completely disassembled for thorough cleaning. The razor handle is made of a special polymer that has exceptional heat and chemical resistant properties which allow complete razor immersion in boiling water, sanitizing solutions, or even placement in an autoclave.

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