Dovo Razor Strop Paste


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 Razor Strop Pastes in a tube are the ideal way to keep both your strop and your razor in "shave ready" condition.

o The White Paste is used as an edge polish on the Linen/Canvas Strop Only!

o The Yellow Paste is used as a leather conditioner and contains no abrasives. Over time, any leather will dry out and crack if not properly maintained. The Yellow Paste will replace lost oils, and keep the leather supple, so that your primary strop is always prepared to put the best edge on your razor.

o The Red Paste is a mild sharpening paste which will assist in restoring the edge on a mildly dull razor. It has a particle size of 2 to 4 microns. Again, it must be stated that this paste is not intended for use on your primary strop. When used correctly, it can reduce the number of times that a razor needs to be honed.

o The Green Paste is the most coarse paste with a particle size average 6 microns. It should be used only to restore a very dull edge.

* Please choose from the drop down menu the paste you wish to order.  If one  does not appear, it is temporarily out of stock.

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