Dovo Ebony "Bismarck", 6/8" Carbon Steel Straight Razor - Professionally Honed


$ 215.99 $ 229.99

Dovo Bismarck 6/8 Straight Razor!

Now comes with everything you need to maintain your razor!!

  • 3" Double Sided Razor Strop
  • Quad Fold Instructional Pamphlet
  • Razor Coffin or Tin To Protect Your Razor

The Dovo "Bismarck", 6/8" Carbon Steel Straight Razor has been a Dovo classic since the early 1900's. However, it has just been updated to scales made of genuine Ebony wood. The blade is made from Solingen High Carbon Steel. It is full hollow ground. The real "Show Stopper" is the hand file work and heavy gold plating the blade and tang receive. This treatment gives this razor the appearance of ones twice its cost.

****Currently, we have adequate inventory to offer individual razors of this type for sale. With the dramatic increase in demand for straight razors, there is no guarantee how long this will last.  Most of our inventory will be reserved for sale as part of our Straight Razor Sets.

 Made in Solingen, Germany.


Optional Luxury Kit Includes:

- Luxury Shave Set With Synthetic Shaving Brush and slip case for travel

- Grim Blades Luxury Shave Soap

- 3" Leather and Lylon Strop For Superior Sharpening

- Classic Razor Box with Gold Etching

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