DOVO 5/8 Bergischer Lowe Horn Scales


$ 346.99 $ 399.89

DOVO 5/8 Full Hollow Bergischer Lowe

  • Buffalo Horn Scales
  • High Carbon Swedish Steel Blade
  • Sculpted Gold Washed Spine
  • Laser Etched and Gold Washed Blade
  • Ebony Tang Plate

Now comes with everything you need to maintain your razor!!

  • 3" Double Sided Razor Strop
  • Quad Fold Instructional Pamphlet
  • Razor Coffin or Tin To Protect Your Razor
Optional Luxury Kit Includes:

- Luxury Shave Set With Synthetic Shaving Brush and slip case for travel

- Grim Blades Luxury Shave Soa

- 3" Leather Strop For Superior Sharpening

- Classic Razor Box with Gold Etching

- 4-Fold Manual

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