Thiers-Issard Travel Strop in Leather Case - Black


$ 99.99

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The Thiers-Issard Travel Strop is a double-sided paddle strop made of natural hardwood and has a hollowed body to provide just the right amount of "spring" to the surface.  The stropping surface measures 1-3/8" by 8-1/2".


This strop has two different leather surfaces. One is a smooth Russian finished leather for finishing stropping.  The other is an unfinished leather, intended for pre-stropping. 


Some recommend using the unfinished leather side with abrasive pastes.   However, we never recommend applying abrasives to the strop that you reserve for your daily stopping routine. Anything you apply to the back of this strop will find its way to smooth, finished side, ruining it for daily use.


Made of natural hardwood and finished with a rich mahogany stain, it has a smooth, comfortable handle for ease of use.


The strop comes in a custom-made premium grade leather storage/carrying case.  The case also provides a storage pocket for safely and conveniently carrying your straight razor.  (Razor not included.)

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