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Welcome to the home of “Shave Ready” straight razors:
Your straight razor resource with a FREE hone

Whether you purchase one of our Dovo Straight Razors, Böker straight razors, a Thiers-Issard straight razor, or a straight razor from any of our other fine companies, the straight razor will come to you professionally sharpened and completely Shave Ready.  This is what sets our straight razors apart, a team of professionals that hone and sharpen the straight razor to deliver it shave ready. 

We will answer your questions and provide advice during regular business hours (9-4 Monday-Friday US PST).  Contact us if you have questions. Or, check out FAQs about using straight razors.

Please Note: Dovo's policy is that the sharpening of a Dovo straight razor by anyone other than their own factory craftsmen, including the customer purchasing the razor, will render their 2-year warranty null and void.  By purchasing a Dovo razor that is professionally honed by Vintage Blades, you are acknowledging Dovo’s policy on its warranty status.

 See our Policies Page for details on shipping.

For product details, please click the product description or image.

+++Straight razors shown as “Out of Stock”, while no longer currently available for sale individually, may be available as part of one of our straight razor kits, either "Basic" (with strop only) or "Complete” (with strop, shaving brush, and the rest). Please check our Straight Razor Kits category for pricing.