Wooden Beard Comb - By The Blades Grim

The Blades Grim

$ 49.99 $ 59.99

Made in the USA

This comb is made with 2 different types of wood. A hard maple is used for the comb aspect of it and a walnut is used for the brace. This comb, although slightly delicate, is a work of beauty, it has been oiled with one of The Blades Grim's beard oils, for a water resistant finish. Proper care for this item is important, making sure to dry thoroughly and carefully and occasionally refinish with beard oil if you'd like it to maintain the protective finish. As far as style goes, there is no better beard comb on the market. 

Comb dimensions

  • 6”x1.4”x0.25”(at its thickest, along the spine)  
  • The teeth of the comb are 0.13” thick, but tapered to a point


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