Mystic Water Shaving Soap

Mystic Water Soap

$ 11.79

 Mystic Water Shaving Soap is an artisan, handmade "tallow-based" formulation using tallow rendered from local grass fed beef.  They come in a 4oz. plastic tub.. Available in the following fragrances -  Adirondack Jack; Bay Rum; Coconut; Irish Traveler; Lilly of the Valley; Lime; Marrakesh; Mysore Sandalwood; Rosalimone; Wild Lavender; and Sensitive Skin.

 Ingredients: Saponified Tallow, Water, Saponified Castor Oil, Glycerin, Saponified Shea Butter, Saponified Avocado Oil, Saponified Palm Oil, Saponified Stearic Acid, Aloe Vera Leaf Juice, Bentonite Clay, Silk, Fragrance.

 o Adirondack Jack has top notes of wood from oakmoss and vetiver with a touch of myrrh in the base, with some sweet dried tobacco and a little tangerine and soft floral accord.

 o Bay Rum is a an excellent version of the classic fragrance made in the traditional way with West Indian Bay leaves (Pimenta Racemosa), citrus and spices.

 o Coconut is made with a fragrance oil that smells more like fresh coconut as opposed to sweetened flaked coconut.

 Irish Traveler is a version of Green Irish Tweed, the House of Creed fragrance created for Cary Grant.

 Lilly of the Valley, also called Muguet, it's a small white bell-shaped flower that blooms in May. It is a traditional floral scent for men.

 Lime is made from lime peel essential oil and uplifting lemon-scented May Chang essential oil. Together they smell like freshly squeezed lime.

 Marrakesh is a blend of dark iron-distilled East Indian patchouli, Virginia cedarwood, cinnamon leaf, oak moss, lime and petigrain essential oils. Mostly essential oils with one fragrance oil component.

 o Sandalwood is considered a "must have" fragrance by many, it's a warm and enveloping scent. Fragrance oil.

 Rosalimone is delicate pairing of tart lemon and freshly cut roses. Both essential oil and fragrance.

 Wild Lavender is scented with Lavandin grosso essential oil.

 Sensitive Skin is with Calendula (Marigold) and Sea Buckthorn.  This soap for sensitive skin contains Calendula officinalis (Marigold) flower, aloe vera, sea buckthorn berry oil and allantoin. It is unscented.

 Please use the drop down menu below to choose your fragrance.  If it does not appear, it is temporarily out of stock.

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