Merkur Futur Kit


$ 134.99 $ 189.99

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 Our Merkur "Futur" Kit is a complete wet shaving safety razor set. It includes a Merkur "Futur" adjustable safety razor, a Vintage Blades Brand Finest Badger shaving brush, and a shaving mug or cup of your choice.

 In addition, all our safety razor kits include at no charge to you the following items:  

    • A 5-pack of Wilkinson Sword "Classic" Chromium plated razor blades 

    • A blade safe for the safe and hygienic disposal of your used razor blades 

    • An acrylic drip stand for your shaving brush (upgradable) 

    • A 2-1/4 oz bar of "World Famous" Col. Conk shaving soap in the fragrance of your choice. 

    • And a styptic pencil for that first shaving nick (Ouch!) 


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