Kinfolks - "Wedge" - Little Valley, New York - c. 1930 ***Shave Ready***


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 Kinfolks - Wedge - Little Valley, New York - c. 1930.  4/8 Square Point. Faux Ivory celluloid scales with a black spacer. This razor has been lightly restored and honed to a super keen edge by Lynn Abrams. 

Grind:  Near full wedge.

Condition: Excellent

Front Tang Marking: "WEDGE" with 2 lines forming a wedge shape bisecting the letters.

Rear Tang Marking:  "Kinfolks" over "incorporated"

Blade Etch: None

Both pins appear original and are tight. The scales, which are embellished with the word "Wedge" embosed on the front, are in excellent condition, show no wear or damage, and are not warped. 

The blade had numerous spots of surface corrosion when we received it. These have been buffed out but evidence remains in the form of residual pitting throughout. The blade now has a bright mirror finish.  It also appears to have had minimal use and shows almost no honing wear. The edge is true with no excessive wear at either the toe or the heel.  We have had the razor professionally honed. So, it is completely shave ready.

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