Hart Steel 6/8" Carbon Steel Straight Razor, Round Point, Satin Finished & Jimped - Maple - Professionally Honed

Hart Steel

$ 210.00 $ 269.00

Hart Steel 6/8" Carbon Steel Straight Razor with one-piece Maple scales. The blade is Satin finished has a Round Point, and bottom jimps.

Quarter-Hollow ground.

Made in the USA.

Hart Steel razors are completely made in the USA.  This includes the hardware and steel used for the blade.  Each razor is made from start to finish by one individual, who hand grinds it and does the final assembly. The razor it marked with his initials to indicate his craftsmanship.

The blades are made from new O-1 steel and ground to precise specifications.  They are heat treated using a molten salt bath and frozen in liquid nitrogen resulting in a dimensionally stable blade of Rockwell hardness of 62-63 HRC.  Surface grinding before and after heat treating ensures the blades are straight and easy to strop and hone.  More information can be found at the Hart Steel website www.hartsteel.com.

The scales are attached by a hex screw so they can be tightened or loosened as needed. All are made of the highest quality materials and are of a unique one-piece design.

All blades are “Shave Ready” out of the box having been finished honed on a vintage Escher and hand stropped.

Each Hart razor comes with its own storage box, and a hex wrench for tightening the pin.

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