Dovo Shavette - Satin Stainless with Polished Stainless Steel


$ 44.99

 The Dovo Shavette - Satin Stainless with Polished Stainless has a handle made of satin stainless steel and a blade holder made from polished stainless steel. This is the razor for those who want the closeness and quality of a straight razor shave, but don't want to endure the learning curve of daily stropping, periodic honing, and generally high maintenance.

 The razor holds plastic inserts which house disposable blades. This shavette includes one red insert and two black inserts.     

 Red Inserts: For use with standard double edge blades, which are snapped in half.

Black Inserts: For use with the longer Shavette Professional blade, which is also snapped in half.  This blade is more comparable to the length of a traditional straight razor.

 It also comes with a sample standard double edge blade by Merkur and a sample Shavette Professional blade by Dovo.

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