Buffalo Horn Damascus Straight Razor and Gold Dollar Luxury Shave Set

The Blades Grim

$ 94.99 $ 209.88

 This is the perfect set for anyone wanting to start straight shaving.  You get an heirloom quality show piece Damascus Steel Striaght Razor.  This blade is perfect for learning the art of straight shaving and stropping without the worry.  Then once you have the art mastered you can move on to your shave ready Gold Dollar 208 straight razor.  You will also get a coupon with this set good for up to $100 off your next purchase!

This is the perfect gift set!  We reserve the right to remove this deal without notice.  Enjoy and thank you for visiting.

  •  Buffalo Damascus Steel Practice/Blunt Straight  Razor
  •  Shave Ready Gold Dollar 208 Straight Razor
  •  3" Synthetic Razor Strop for Sharpening
  •  Grim Luxury Shaving Soap
  •  Classic Razor Box with Gold Etching
  •  Premium Shaving Brush
  •  Lifetime Sharpen/Hone Service

$189.80 Regular Price Total Value - Buy Now and Save!


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