Blades Grim Wooden Mustache Comb

The Blades Grim

$ 9.99

 The same fine men that work with their hands to build quality straight razors are turning 2 pieces of wood into a tool that can shape your facial hair. The wooden mustache comb is made with Hard Maple and Walnut, two very hardwoods that will last a long time, especially when cared for properly. The comb is laser cut to shape and then hand finished to give a nice shape to the teeth and back of the comb. It is then finished with "Smolder" Mustache Wax to give the comb a shine and protect it from being damaged in the water. To care for the comb, reapply mustache wax if the wood starts to appear dull. 

Comb Specs  

3" Long by 3/4" Tall

Made in the USA

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