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Cartridge Razors and Cartridge Razor Kits for Mach3 and Fusion Devotees

Our high quality Cartridge Razors and Cartridge Razor Kits offer an economical alternative for those individuals looking for a better solution to their shaving needs than those inexpensive drug store razors but who are not quite ready to move into "wet shaving" with one of our safety razors. 

Our cartridge razors all feature handles that are compatible with standard Mach3 or Fusion cartridges.  Our shaving brus hes that are included as part of the kits are filled with the same grade of deluxe badger hair that fill all our Vintage Blades Brand shaving brushes.  This "Finest" grade of badger hair that we use in these brushes has been extremely well received by the shaving community since its introduction over 2 years ago.

Unlike many online companies, we welcome your emails and phone calls when you have questions about wet shaving. We will answer your questions and provide advice during regular business hours (9-4 Monday-Friday US PST).  Contact us if you have questions or check out FAQs about wet shaving

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