Classic Shaving Wool Fat Shaving Soap - 3"

Classic Brand

$ 19.98

Wool Fat Shaving Soap 4oz - Handmade in Florida

Classic Shaving is proud to present its very own artisan-made Wool Fat Shaving Soap. We have been dreaming of a Wool Fat Shaving Soap ever since we read of the benefits of lanolin in skin care and we knew our soap maker on Florida's Gulf Coast was up to the challenge. After much research, formula tweaking and testing, he came up with what we feel is a true gem. This soap is rich and it creates a lather, while not fluffy, is quite silky and your razor will glide across it giving you a nourishing and smooth shave. The 3" diameter 4 ounce puck is quite dense and should last longer than an average shaving soap. Available in 7 unique scents.

Amaretto: this subtle almond infused scent is the best choice for sensitive skin

Arabian Spice: a warm, almost edible scent rich with clove cocoa and nutmeg (dark coffee color)

Black Lavender: this dark and sensual aroma has a deep earthen basenote with a barely floral topnote; sure to be a big hit with whomever gets close enough to smell your face (dark coffee color)

Mountain Spice: a warm and earthy scent with notes of bay rum and amber (scent lingers after use and might just be an aphrodisiac)

Tea Tree: an invigorating herbal scent with top notes of fresh mint (tea tree is known around the world for its antibacterial properties)

Winter Grapefruit: happiness is this scent, a bright and shiny way to start your day

NEW Oatmeal Stout- good for your face


Free from pesticides, preservatives and petrochemicals. Never tested on animals. This soap does not melt like a glycerin based soap, please do not attempt to melt and reshape.

Ingredients: Saponified Olive Coconut and Castor Oils, Lanolin, Water, Bentonite Clay, Shea Butter, Essential Oils, Fragrance Oils (organic ingredients are always used when available)

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