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Look here for the finest Safety Razors and Blades

Looking for a close, smooth shave you just can’t achieve with cartridge razors? Consider investing in a Merkur, Parker, or Feather double edge razor for years of enjoyment.

If you prefer smooth clear skin, one of our safety razors will make shaving more of a pleasure than a chore. They’ve all been around for decades and provide a far superior shave compared to cartridge style razors with their high long term cost.  Choose from two safety razor models: “Standard” (non-adjustable) models and “Adjustable” models. Plus we offer several different brands of double edge blades to fit your beard type.  These cut your beard close to the skin, and help you avoid rashes (razor burn) and skin problems, such as ingrown hairs.

Unlike many online companies, we welcome your emails and phone calls when you have questions about wet shaving.  We will answer your questions and provide advice during regular business hours (9-4 Monday-Friday US PST).  Contact us if you have questions. Or, check out FAQs about wet shaving

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