Norton Waterstone 4000/8000 Combo

Norton Stones

$ 89.99

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 The Norton 4000/8000 Combo Grit is our most popular Waterstone. It will bring your knives, razors, tools, whatever, to a level of sharpness you would not have believed possible. The stone comes in a plastic case which acts as a portable sharpening station. 8” x 3” x 1”.

 o 4000 Grit – Although it’s a fine grit, it’s designed to cut, not polish. It leaves a refined edge that can be brought to a mirror finish quickly on the 8000 Grit stone.

 o 8000 Grit – Designed to give a polished, long lasting edge in a very short time.

 * For the straight razor user, this is the perfect stone for you. The Norton 4000/8000 Combination Grit Waterstone is the most widely used  razor "hone" today.

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