Norton Waterstone 1000/4000 Combo

Norton Stones

$ 69.99

 The Norton 1000/4000 Combo Grit is the perfect all round stone. This is the stone to sharpen and maintain the edge of any knife. The stone comes in a plastic case which acts as a portable sharpening station. 8” x 3” x 1”.

 1000 Grit - Most of our knives get used routinely. The 1000 Grit cuts quickly to restore the edge to prepare it for the next stage in sharpening.

 4000 Grit – Although it’s a fine grit, it’s designed to cut, not polish. It leaves a refined edge that is razor sharp. You could certainly go on to the 8000 Grit for that final polish, but for most of us, for our utility knives, that's not necessary.

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