Chromium Oxide Paste


$ 14.99



Chromium Oxide Paste. Our Chromium Oxide Paste can be used on a bench hone or a hanging strop to take the "bite" out of a very sharp aggressive edge. While over-use will decrease the closeness of the shave. The proper use will give you the smoothest edge you have ever experienced.



Some settling may occur.  Mix well before application.

These pastes are typically applied to balsa or leather bench hones but they can also be used on leather, canvas, and wool hanging strops. The objective is for the paste to fill the pores in the material. You do not want to coat the surface.  Rub in a generous amount of paste with your fingers to completely cover the surface and fill all voids. Then with a paper towel wipe off the excess. When you are only getting a trace of the paste on your paper towel you are ready to go.

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