Dovo "Black Best Quality", 6/8" Full Hollow Carbon Steel Straight Razor - Professionally Honed


$ 119.99 $ 134.99

This Dovo "Black Best Quality", 6/8" full-hollow ground, carbon steel straight razor is a high quality razor without all the frills. However, the durable black composition handle has an internal blade rest, almost like a third pin found on more expensive razors.

Full hollow ground. 

The blade is forged from High Carbon Steel and features both top and bottom jimps. In addition, the blade has a nice etch that reads "Solingen, Best Quality". All in all, this is a lot of razor for the money.

****Currently, we have adequate inventory to offer individual razors of this type for sale. With the dramatic increase in demand for straight razors, there is no guarantee how long this will last.  Most of our inventory wil be reserved for sale as part of our Straight Razor Sets.

Made in Solingen, Germany.

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